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Shahravar is an enchanting master performer and bellydance teacher including Egyptian, Saudi and Lebanese folkloric dances. With over 24 years experience teaching Middle eastern dance and Pilates, she is also a respected fitness instructor with a diverse background. Shahravar has performed thousands of shows across the country for everyone including stage shows, Arab, Turkish, Indian, Greek and Afghani events, museums, universities, schools, senior centers, festivals, family parties, weddings, cultural and corporate events. Shahravar is famed for her skill with swords and veils.

As a belly dance performer, Shahravar's love for the dance arts and respect for the cultures shine through.  Her shows have moved people to tears, left audience in awe of her talent and elegance continuing to receive brilliant reviews years later.

As a teacher, Shahravar is dedicated to helping her students reach their attainable goals from her classes and specialty focus workshops whether that is fun, self-esteem, or to be a professional level performer. Shahravar's fitness and Pilates classes can be “life changing” for students who can have results that are measurable.


Utah loves bellydance.
Locals enjoy fun dance events and classes all year round, you can too.
Shahravar performs Vintage Raks Oriental Belly Dance.
She is centered here in SLC, Utah. Please visit the classes and events pages to visit her at any number of special classes or events and connect to your local bellydance community
Shahravar began her teaching journey in 1991 and  is a Certified, Licensed and Insured Instructor and is also the co owner of the Salt City Studio.


Sword Dance with Shahravar

Shahravars performance paints a vivid picture of life along the ancient silk road. Weaving threads of dance through our souls, creating visions of rich traditions and passionate history full of nostalgia and life creating a beautiful impression of dance through history drawing an inspiring and exciting performance.


The Gods have meant that I should dance and in some mystic hour I shall move to unheard rhythms of cosmic orchestra of heaven and you will know the language of my wordless poems and will come to me for that is why I dance.   -Ruth St. Denis

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