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Jewel of Bellydance

Shahravar lives near Wellington New Zealand, but don't fear you can now take classes with her from any where with her On-Line classes and you can still book her for workshops.

Her performance style brings enchantment and grace to the audience she is a versatile performer and master bellydance instructor with a focus on Egyptian, Saudi and Lebanese folkloric dances & classic Raqs Sharqui-Oriental. 

With an inspirational influence from Dancers such as Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Dennis, Ted Shawn and Performer Mata Hari.

Shahravar also draws from the Art Deco-Nouvou era with it's strong Egyptian revival movement.  Bringing together these worlds of dance movement with the Folklorick, Antique and Dreamlike is Shahravar's own magic that is her own unique style of elegant, graceful, rich dance performance with a storytelling angle.


With 30 years experience teaching Middle eastern dance fitness and Pilates, she is also a respected fitness instructor with a diverse background.

Shahravar has enjoyed performing at thousands of shows across the U.S.  for stage shows with diverse cultural richness.  Arab, Turkish, Indian, Greek and Afghani events, museums, universities, schools, senior centers, festivals, family parties, weddings, Personal , cultural and corporate events.

Shahravar is admired for her skill with swords, veils and cymbals.

As a belly dance performer, her love for the dance arts and respect for the cultures represented shine through.  Her shows have moved people to cheers and left audiences inspired.


As a teacher, Shahravar is dedicated to helping her students build confidence as well as personal and fellow dancer appreciation. Dancers can work to achieve goals with her classes and specialty workshops, whether it be fun, self-esteem, or skills to be a professional level performer. Shahravar's dance and Pilates classes can be life changing for students who want results.

She is previous owner of the Salt City Dance & Fitness Studios in her home town of Salt Lake City, Utah that creates a welcoming space for many teachers to offer their classes and is co producer of the annual Utah Summer Dance Festival.

She is available for international booking.

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